Relationships that can shorten your life

Thanks to medicine and science, we know we should manage our stress levels and fight to overeat, overworking and smoking to live longer. However, not many people try to fight toxic relationships which also have a lot of negative health effects.

Before telling you about relationships working on people like a death spell, we would like you to stop worrying and stay positive and hopeful about your future. Any relationship, no matter how complicated and toxic, can be improved. To find out how to visit The author of this website offers hundreds of effective ways to improve a relationship and family life.

What makes a relationship toxic? What steals years or dozens of years of your life turning it into a nightmare? What events can be as harmful as a black magic death spell causing obfuscation, severe depression and sometimes heart attacks and strokes?

According to psychologists, the most dangerous traumas are caused by infidelity. It is as painful as it is not because it is a betrayal but because dislike for infidelity is in our genes. Since reproduction is the purpose of our life, it is natural for humans to dislike infidelity.

It is believed that infidelity is more painful for men than women. By sleeping with another man, the woman absorbs the new mate’s DNA. But in fact, infidelity is as painful for women as it is for men. When a man falls in love with another woman (we are talking not only about prehistoric times), he can end up leaving his family and children which is always a tragedy.

In the course of life, every man develops even a stronger negative attitude towards infidelity which has to do with our pride and ideas of honesty and dignity. For this reason, people are shocked to find out they have been cheated on and this new is always very stressful and stress is linked to many leading causes of death. Thus, according to the official medicinal statistics of France, more than four thousand five hundred people died in France last year after learning that their loved one had cheated on them.

Now imagine how stressful your life will be if your partner is a person who cannot stay faithful.

Jealousy is also very dangerous. It does not strike immediately and is always like a snowball. It has severe long-term effects causing serious damage to the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Also, try to stay away from people who like to manipulate others. According to psychologists, there are several types of manipulators:

Those manipulating you into taking care of them;

Those manipulating you into feeling guilty;

Those manipulating you into thinking they cannot live without you;

Regardless of the kind, manipulation is confusing and makes people live according to the needs of another person. Just like death spells lyrics said over your photograph, they take away your vital force and your energy. Energy loss affects the immune system and the body’s ability to fight the disease which can also be very dangerous.

Then comes relationship inequality, meaning an imbalance of power between the partners. The one maintaining power and controlling over the other flourishes in this kind of relationships, while the other is usually stressed out and sad because of it considering themselves to be a failure which slows down the rhythm of their life along with all energy and metabolic processes occurring in the body. Doctors say such people are much older physiologically and once the aging programs are launched, the death program is launched as well.  

Continuous financial problems can ruin a relationship as well, especially if money is very important for the partners and having not enough money makes them feel miserable. Interestingly, only 40 years ago money problems caused chronic destructive conditions in 99 out of 100 people, while today it does only in 50 out of 100 people. The world is changing and we are changing along with it. We need less money to be happy than before, and more and more people find their happiness in doing what they like to do. It is hard to believe but the following business industries are already in crisis:

– Designer clothes;

– Luxury cars;

– Real estate;

– Designer jewelry and accessories.

People no longer need to show off. They prefer renting over buying as it gives them more freedom. They like buying cheap clothes and wear them for as long as possible as spending a lot of money on clothes is now considered as bad as a black magic death spell.

Finally, it is a lack of prospects. The partner who wants more but knows it is impossible has to live in fear, is always anxious and depressed. Such relationships rarely have a happy ending.

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