Miranda Lambert Wore This To The Country Music Awards, And Liberals Are Completely Enraged

Country music sensation Miranda Lambert turned heads, and enraged Liberals with her choice of shoewear, as she took to the stage of the Academy of Country Music Awards.Lambert was wearing pink stilettos, adorned with a tiny pink holster and a miniature holster, complete with a tiny gun ornament.Liberals have taken to social media, decrying her wardrobe choice as being insensitive to gun violence, and the countless lives that have been lost as a result of guns.

Supporters of Lambert have described her wearing the shoes as being brave, and a proud example of an American demonstrating the fact that United States’ citizens have the right to bear arms.

Whether or not you agree with the wardrobe item, the shoes can be purchased from the Joyce Echols Collection. The shoe is called the Come and Take It in Satin and carries a price tag of $849! A product description from the site is as follows:

    The Come and Take It in Satin

    Miranda Lambert wore the pink satin Come and Take It on the red carpet at the American Country Music Awards. Since then, we can hardly keep them in stock.

    For the Fall, the Come and Take It will be available in sophisticated black satin, and the eye-catching and bold red satin.

    This is statement shoe and can be worn with or without the gun and holster. Please note the holster piece is made for the right shoe only.

    This high end designer shoe comes in several colors of satin. 110mm heel height. The Come and Take It shoes fit true to size.

Miranda Lambert has been dominating the Academy of Country Music Awards, winning Top Female Vocalist of the Year awards multiple times, over the last decade.

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    BRAVO! Down with the Communists.

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