A group of architects submitted this proposal for Trump’s border wall that’s a one-way sheet of plexiglass

The Trump administration may be counting on Congress this fall to approve a federal budget that includes funding for a wall along the US-Mexico border.

Not all Republican lawmakers are on board, making it more uncertain that the estimated $21.6 billion wall will be built. The Trump administration is currently reviewing design bids for the project.

PennaGroup, a construction firm in Fort Worth, Texas, is one company vying to build the wall — but it’s not proposing a standard concrete fixture.

The company submitted a design for a wall made of wire and plexiglass that would work similarly to a one-way mirror. The US side would be able to see through the wall, while the Mexico side would not.

According to PennaGroup’s summary of the design, it interviewed dozens of US Border Patrol agents to understand their jobs and what kind of characteristics they would want for a wall. It then designed one that’s tall, can drain rainwater, has mechanized doors for vehicles, and is hard to climb, tunnel under, or tamper with.

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  1. Edward Smail says:

    All that money for a wall that can be breached, with a sledge hammer and wire cutter`s, is not good and that would be throwing money away. And they wont approve the money if its not a good wall we can do better.

  2. Rose says:

    I like it esp if it does what it promises to do.

  3. Raymond Babcock says:

    Build it but if you wan to stop illegal migrants. Stop the reason they come. Welfare jobs this is what fuels illegal migrants.

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