Feeling Lonely and Isolated? Don’t Let Your Golden Age Stop You from Doing Things You Love!

According to Mental Health America, 1 out of 17 Americans aged 65 and above suffer from different forms of depression. What’s alarming is that the elderly aged 65 and above were accounted for 20% suicide deaths in the U.S.

It’s understandable as to why people feel lonely, isolated, or depressed as they get older. The death of a loved one, the transition from work to retirement, or even diagnosis of a disease can makes the elderly feel unhappy, anxious, and uneasy, which will contribute to depression later on.

However, even you are already in your golden years. You don’t have to let loneliness consume you and become isolated. As reported by many of the top relationship blogs online, there are a lot of great things you can do to stay away from loneliness and isolation as you age. You deserve to live happily and do what you love. Above all, you can always spend your time with your loved ones.

Try New Hobbies and Explore Things

For you not to feel isolated and lonely while improving both your health and well-being, you can try going out and exploring things around you.

Whether it’s a new hobby or a continuing one, it’s a nice idea to have something that can keep you busy and enthusiastic. You can try crochet knitting. It’s a simple hobby yet rewarding once you complete a piece. Then, you can give your friends or family as a gift. Besides, you can also invite your friends, have a cup of tea and chat while knitting.

Furthermore, dancing can be another valuable hobby and social activity. You can attend a weekly senior-oriented dance class. This activity can help you increase mobility and muscle movement.

Do you love to sing? So, how about joining the choirs? You can join community choirs and meet people whom you can share your talent. Besides, singing delivers positive psychological effects, encouraging your brain to release endorphins which are known to be “happy chemicals.”

Focus on Your Wellness

Little do you know that loneliness and isolation can only affect both your physical and psychological wellness? People who feel lonely tend to smoke, drink, or even eat unhealthy foods.

To prevent yourself from feeling lonely or isolated, you need to keep yourself active. Get out to a park or gym where you can meet other people whom you can share similar goals. By keeping yourself active, your brain releases hormones that are helpful in making you feel more positive as well as control over your body. As a result, you get more energy to stay focused and ready to do other things you love.

Be Appreciative

People who start aging tend to think of the things they have done with their lives, whether about work or relationship with their family. They begin to wonder whether or not they did things right in the past. However, thinking about the things they could have done can only make them lonelier. They might think that it’s too late for them to fulfill those things.

You do not need to experience this kind of loneliness or disappointment, simply become more appreciative of your life. You need to acknowledge all the great things you’ve done in part. Stop thinking about the things that you don’t have, instead think of what you can still do.

Regardless of your age, it’s always good that you are enjoying things around you and living your life happily and healthily. So, just keep going and do what you love!

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