Donald Trump Loves All His Wives

Did you know how many times has Donald Trump been married? The world knows about three Donald Trump’s wives: Ivana, Marla and Melania.

Donald Trump’s first wife – Ivana Marie Zelníčková

Although Donald Trump was handsome, well-off, strong-mind, that is he had all the assets that attract women ‘in droves,’ it seems that there wasn’t a special darling in Trump’s private life for long years.Donald Trump remained centered on building outstanding real estate in Manhattan… until he met his first wife, Ivana.

Mrs. Ivana Trump was born as Ivana Marie Zelníčková in Czechoslovakia, but managed to make her way to the United States through diligent work, self-determination, and her sport ability to ski good enough to make it for the Olympic Games too. These personalities alone made her stand out alongside the ‘spoiled brats’ of women of New York City.

Ivana understood what it meant to feel trapped financially and by class. She had the heart to take her opportunities in the United States to infinity. She earned her master’s in physical education, but her education did not end here. She also went in for decorating and business, which would later prove to be useful for her husband Donald Trump’s empire.

In the early 1970s, Ivana was married to a fellow skier, but the marriage was later reported to be in name only to help Ivana attain her U.S. citizenship and keep the pestering communist leaders at bay.

She met Trump in New York City while promoting the Olympic Games. Although they were different walks of life, Donald and Ivana married in 1977 after dating for a few years. They celebrated their marriage of true hearts with a lavish ceremony that was the major society event of the decade. After their wedding, the Trumps made a solid business team, taking on major projects such as the construction of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Trump Plaza.

Over time, Ivana showed to Donald Trump’s friends and business partners that she was more than just a beautiful face and a charming personality: she was a powerful drive who helped elevate Trump to celebrity status. She became a vice president of interior design for The Trump Organization and the president of the Trump Castle Hotel and Casino.

What’s more important, Ivana delivered three (of five) children of Donald Trump during this time with him.
However, even a high-energetic business woman like Ivana needed a break. In the early 1980s, Ivana told Donald that she wanted to spend more time with their children. Trump reacted accordingly, and cut his wife loose from her leading positions in Atlantic City, yet asked her to take over as president of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

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Donald Trump’s second wife: Marla Maples

It did not take long after Ivana was out of the business frame in Atlantic City that rumors began circulating that a beauty pageant winner was trying to lure Trump into a serious love affair.

Beautiful Marla was aged only 23 and Trump turned his 40th year of age when she started clandestinely dating seductive Trump. As sources close to Marla at the time stated, she was asking Trump to leave Ivana while he was merely providing her with money and dear gifts to keep her quiet about the ongoing passionate binding between them. When things grew intense between them, and Maples started threatening to run around with other men, Trump did his best to keep the relationship under control.

When Donald Trump already had his back against the wall, he took Marla with him wherever he went. If he took his immediate family to California, Marla had to go to California as well, and be put up in a hotel close by so that Donald could escape from Ivana and the kids for a while and spend time with his tenacious mistress. This affair went on for some time with Marla becoming more and more dissatisfied with the way things were going. And of course, Ivana’s feelings varied between amiable acceptance of the situation and jealous hatred.

In 1991, when Trump and his family were in Aspen with Marla accommodated nearby, the ‘uneven’ situation came to a boiling point when the two women met on the ski slopes, either by chance or by design, on Marla’s part. It was after this nasty hullabaloo that Ivana filed for divorce. She felt greatly humiliated and taken aback by the cover stories and the photos of Marla and Donald in all the gossip magazines and tabloids around the world.
Finally, Donald Trump divorces wife Ivana and marries Marla Maples

After a messy divorce surrounded by the media hype, Donald Trump married Marla in 1993. The two had a baby girl they named Tiffany, after Tiffany & Co. However, the new marriage (of convenience?) was not a happy one, and this period of Trump’s life was, perhaps, his great failure. He had a great spouse-wife, but he wanted to have another cake, and eat it too, all with a wild belief that he could have an affair while continuing his marriage to Ivana.

Trump learned a valuable lesson. His remarrying left a scar in his business life too: he lost his reputation as a respectable businessman, and was looked upon as a man who would use his money to ‘excuse’ himself to cheat on his wife!
Anyway, if it bothered Donald Trump that his image had been permanently damaged, he did not let it show. He just went with the flow, and decided to make an opportunistic profit on the new image he was now facing. For some time thereafter, he was even a notorious playboy.

He was a guy who had cheated on his big family with a ‘beauty queen,’ and then separated from his wife to marry this girl. He used this bad reputation in insurance companies’ commercials, and, surprisingly, money was flowing in faster than ever before!

At this time, it has been stated in the media that Donald Trump went bankrupt. The truth was that, during the early 1990s, he did go into debt by several million. The media loves to elaborate on misfortune more than it likes to give credit where credit is due, so the public considered him cocky and arrogant during his relationship with Marla Maples. However, it is one thing to play arrogant to the cameras and quite another to actually believe that wealth comes easily. Donald Trump ‘put his nose to the grindstone’ and focused on rebuilding his shaken empire.

Donald Trump divorces his second wife Marla Maples as well

Whatever goes around, comes around – the couple divorced in 1999. It had been speculated that Marla was seeing another man, Michael Mailer, for about 1 year before she and Donald divorced. What is known for a fact is that she had met Mailer while performing a small part in a movie he was directing in 1998, and they announced their engagement several months after her divorce. Unfortunately, Mailer broke off the engagement and married someone else!

After Marla had married Donald Trump, she was all set for life. She would walk away from her short saga with Donald as a multi-millionairess and the mother of Tiffany, an heir to the Donald Trump estate. What’s more, she would also walk away as a celebrity: Marla has been regularly asked to do television interviews on her relationship with Trump.

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Donald Trump dates Kara Young

Kara Young

Kara Young, a famous actress and runway model, dated A.J. Benza soon after divorcing her husband. A.J. was a moderately-successful tabloid columnist in the late 1980s-1990s and is best remembered as the host of Mysteries and Scandals.

Kara Young forgot about A.J. Benza soon after meeting Donald Trump. Not only was Donald Trump a much more powerful and exciting suitor, but he also possessed some traits that Kara found fascinating in man. Unlike lots of beautiful women who are attracted to modeling, Kara was also interested in business and entrepreneurship, so she and Donald could chat for hours on end about the subject.

It is really unclear why the couple did not continue with their pleasant and promising relationship. It might be that Kara Young was too ambitious in her own right to live with Donald Trump, or, even more likely that Donald himself did not wish to join his life with a powerful woman like Kara, or, in all likelihood, that Donald had someone else on his mind! Nonetheless, Kara went on to become a respected Fox News correspondent, and Trump, in his own right too, collected his millions and moved on.

Donald Trump’s third wife: Melania Knauss

Trump’s current and third wife, former model Melania, has been hitting the campaign trail supporting her loving husband. Trump was married to his first wife Ivana, from 1977 to 1992. As we wrote above, Trump in 1993, settled down with his second wife Marla Maples, and their marital union lasted 6 years. Wife Marla, indeed, made front-page news after telling a friend that sex with “The Donald” was the best sex she has ever had when the two started their affair in 1990. After their divorce she tried her hand at acting, and was also was a special correspondent for INSIDE EDITION.

Many believe that Donald Trump’s wife Melania, is nothing more than an extension of Donald’s macho man ego. Melania Knauss was born in Slovenia- as Melanija Knavs, and is a former fashion model known for having more than her fair share of plastic surgery.

People have also speculated that Donald was probably still married to Marla when he began seeing Melania, as it is known that they met and began dating in the late 1990s. As soon as he divorced Marla Maples, Donald Trump has begun promoting Melania’s modeling career and taking her on television shows with him, which resulted in many modeling offers for her. The couple married in 2005, and the wedding received extravagant press coverage as the event seemed to be attempting to ‘recapture’ the glory and expense of Donald Trump’s first marriage to Czechoslovakian Ivana.

Though Melania has had some formal education, she does not seem very interested in applying her talents, unlike Ivana. She and Donald have 1 son together-Barron, who is occupying her time these days. Melania’s early life is somewhat of a mystery, and early photos of her are almost impossible to find, but surgeons say that she has had cheek implants and at least two nose jobs.

Her second nose job is less than 10 years old as there are many photos of her before her final rhino-plastic refinement. Her first nose job narrowed the sides, but left the tip pinched and bony, with a slight downward turn at the tip. Her new nose is perfect. Perhaps she and Donald Trump’s daughter by Ivana share the same plastic surgeon as Ivanka has a very similar looking nose after having several botched nasal surgeries.

Photo of Melania before and after her final nose job:

So, if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination for the U.S. presidential elections 2016, his wife Melania could very well become America’s next first lady!

You can watch the video with Melania Trump on her life, marriage…

Lessons which the mogul Donald Trump has learned from his romantic relationships

As a lot of other celebrities, Donald Trump tries to keep his early and latest family life somewhat private. Although after his affair with Marla Maples (his second wife-to-be), his standing became notorious and oftentimes negatively-brought up, it is obvious to those who truly pay attention to Trump that he is old-fashioned at heart, and fatherly regretful of the whole family fiasco in his life, both with Ivana Marie Zelníčková and Marla Maples.

No matter how smart, how savvy, and how moralistic one is, it is not easy to keep one’s head up when fame and success reach mammoth proportions. He is human like any other of us, and therefore is not perfect, but he does learn from past mistakes he made.

Finally, it seems that “thinking big and kicking asses” has brought a whole lot to Donald Trump’s personal and business life alike! But…

Will this super ambitious lifestyle of Donald Trump also make way to office for him as the 45th president of the United States? Perhaps, the best is yet to come for business tycoon Donald Trump.


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