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September 6, 2016

Lies, Damn Lies And Hillary’s Job Statistics

Now Hillary Clinton is even lying to students. Does the woman have no shame? She recently spoke at a high school in a Cleveland suburb and claimed “Ohio […]
September 6, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Big News For Donald Trump – Trump Didn’t Even Expect This!

Conservative Presidential candidate Donald Trump is speaking the truth about President Barack Obama’s amnesty agenda. As a successful businessman, he is beholden to no one, and […]
September 2, 2016

What Was So Shocking About Trump’s Immigration Speech?

It shouldn’t be offensive to consider the interests of Americans before those of illegal immigrants. “Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to […]
August 31, 2016

Donald Trump meets with Pena Nieto in Mexico, ahead of immigration speech

Donald Trump said Wednesday that he shared his concerns personally with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto about trade and illegal immigration – calling anew for changes […]
August 31, 2016

BREAKING NEWS!!! FBI Captures 30 NEW Hillary Emails About Benghazi!

For the campaign season, Hillary Clinton has been haunted by problems concerning her criminal use of a home email server to transmit classified intelligence. During a […]
August 29, 2016

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Calls Trump “The New Ronald Reagan”

Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage wrote an op-ed for the Daily Mail over the weekend recounting his trip to the United States to campaign with Donald Trump, saying […]
August 26, 2016

The Return of The Donald Trump: Trump Decides to Just Be Himself Again

The Donald Trump is back.  “Go home to mommy,” Donald Trump told a protester, a grin emerging on his face. “And your mother is voting for […]
August 25, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: After Challenges, Donald Trump Received AMAZING NEWS! Check the LIST!

The liberal media has been attacking conservative GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump, in hopes of deflecting from the latest revelations in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. But […]
August 25, 2016

BREAKING!!! The FBI Just Gave Hillary Clinton Horrible News!

Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign team are bracing for the release of the official notes from the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ (FBI) interview of Hillary […]
August 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide – Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for a dozen years

Still want to vote for Clinton???? Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aide, and the woman who might be the future White House chief of staff to the first […]
August 20, 2016

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Donald Trump is the Churchillian leader we need

Jerry Falwell Jr. is president of Liberty University. In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, American voters were forced to choose between a liberal Democrat and […]
August 19, 2016

Donald Trump to travel to Baton Rouge Friday for tour of flood damage

Donald Trump: ‘When one state hurts, we all hurt – and we must all work together to lift each other up’ Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump […]