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July 30, 2016

We Need A Tough Negotiator Like Donald Trump To Fix US Trade Policy

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is threatening to leave the World Trade Organization and rip up agreements like the North American Free Trade agreement, and his […]
July 26, 2016


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has said that Wikileaks have obtained information that, when released soon, will guarantee a Hillary Clinton indictment.  WikiLeaks has already published 30,322 […]
July 23, 2016

CNN Polls Viewers Loved Donald Trump’s Convention Speech!

It is becoming the truth of the day that Donald Trump is tapping into something that goes far beyond the GOP! This champ in discreet years […]
July 21, 2016

Report Confirms That Donald Trump Will BEAT Hillary Clinton By A LANDSLIDE! OMG!

It seems as though many Republicans and independents would rather stay at home than vote Clinton. This is starting to look like a one-man race, don’t […]
July 21, 2016

TRUMP Just Announced the Best News You Will Hear Since REAGAN Was President! YES!

It’s been a great week so far for America – Donald Trump has been officially nominated as the GOP contender to take on Hillary Clinton in […]
July 14, 2016

BREAKING: Donald Trump’s VP Running Mate – CONFIRMED!

Read this! Breaking News: after weeks of speculation that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would be GOP nominee Donald Trump’s VP running mate, major media sources […]
July 14, 2016

GOP Convention Schedule: Republican Speakers And Dates In Cleveland

It’s time for summer meeting of the Republican National Committee. You can found the planned schedule of events in the following text. The 2016 Republican National […]
July 13, 2016

10 Things That Donald Trump Will Do For Veterans!

#1 I am going to appoint a VA Secretary who is going to make it his or her personal mission to clean up the VA. Their […]
July 9, 2016

Donald Trump Says He Will Protect Constitution And Constitutional Rights of the U.S. Citizens As They Were Never Before!

For Donald Trump the Constitution is huge…and a lot bigger than it actually is. On Thursday, Donald Trump told House Republicans about his firm determination to protect […]
July 8, 2016

Donald Trump Responds To Dallas Shooting

Dallas terror attack by a black extremist that left 5 police officers dead pull reaction of presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Donald Trump make the following […]
July 7, 2016

BOOM! Republicans In Congress Just Wrote A Bill To SHUT DOWN Hillary!

FBI Director James Comey try to justify his decision for NO charges for Hillary in Capitol Hill. He try to defend her. Also, the media and […]
July 6, 2016

Donald Trump Over FBI Scandalous Decision: NO Charges For Crooked Hillary. WOW!

Donald Trump reacted “FBI director said Crooked Hillary compromised our national security. NO charges, WOW! “.Hillary Clinton spent 3.5 hours interviewed over the private email server […]