Are You Addicted To Your Partner? Here Are 11 Ways to Tell

How do we know when we’re crossing the line?

Here Are Sixteen Signs You May Be Forming An Unhealthy Addiction To Your Partner:

  1. Your work, friendships, and family connections have suffered as a result of your relationship.
  1. You set healthy boundaries with your partner, and you do so with every intention of keeping them. However, you always end up breaking them in the end.
  1. The thought of losing your partner induces feelings of panic or grief. You honestly don’t know what you would do if they were to end the relationship.
  1. You have abandoned hobbies and interests that used to make you happy. You only remain active in activities if you can engage in them together as a couple.
  1. You find yourself starting fights with your significant other for no real reason. This usually happens when you are feeling ignored or insecure.
  1. You feel offended when your partner is excited about anything that does not include you – for example, an upcoming marathon they are running in or a friend’s bachelor/bachelorette party they plan to attend. How dare they enjoy it if you can’t be there?
  2. You keep score when it comes to attention and romantic gestures. You often wonder – and worry – which of you loves the other more.
  1. You dress to please your partner, rather than to reflect your own mood and sense of personal style. If he doesn’t approve of your beloved new dress, it has got to go.
  1. You no longer get excited about plans with friends or family if they do not involve your significant other. You find yourself bored when they’re not around.
  1. You pretend to be interested in things you are not in order to spend more time with your partner.
  1. You spend money you do not have on your relationship. This includes vacations
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