11 Science-Based Tips to Boost Your Happiness

Since every individual wants to be happy, researchers have tried to find many ways in which we can improve our well-being. The author Ryan Niemec, wrote an article about proven strategies that can help you boost your happiness.

  1. A Letter From Your Future Self

Imagine you are in the future and write a letter to your present self. In the letter write about the happiness and positivity in your life, your character’s strengths that have got you to realize your dreams.

  1. Spend Money on Others in Need

According to professors from the University of British Columbia and the Harvard Business School, spending money on others buys you happiness. Find a friend of yours, or even a stranger that is need of help, and spent money on them. For example, buy them a meal, or a piece of clothing.

  1. Find Your Strengths

Take the VIA Survey and test your five character strengths. Think about and write down (be specific) how you can benefit from using these strengths at work.

  1. Trip to the Future

Before bedtime, close your eyes and imagine situations that may happen the following day. And, imagine yourself using your strengths to deal with every event.

  1. Funny Things

Also, before you go to bed, think of three funny things that have happened to you the past day and write them down.

  1. Mental Subtraction

Imagine you have a life without one of the good things in your life such as health, achievement, good relationship, etc. Write down how your life would look if you did not have that good thing.

  1. Lack of Time

Think about and realize how much time you have left till some event in your life such as graduation, surgery, retirement, etc. So, now, you can think about how important and valuable your momentary situation is, and that life is short and beautiful.

  1. Everything Happens for a Reason

Even negative events in life happen for a good reason. Think about some moment in your in which a bad event led to a good one. Take time to write about things such as these every day for a week.

  1. Find Out Your Lower Character Strengths

According to researches, working on your lower strengths while working on your higher strengths is beneficial as well. You should use some of higher strengths to improve the lower ones.

  1. Spend Time On Others

Studies show that helping others improved happiness. This week find time to help three different people in any way you can. No matter if the acts are big or small; you should do things that are not on your schedule.

  1. Friends and Family

Studies show that having good relationships with friends and family, even if you are an introvert, make you happier. On the list of the top five things people regret before dying is not spending enough time with their family and friends.

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