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14-Year-Old Girl Raped in High School Bathroom. By an Illegal Immigrant…

Remember when Trump said Mexico wasn’t sending us their best, with regards to the illegals. The left tried peeling the tangerine-skinned future POTUS alive. Calling the […]

Boy Creates A Flag For A Class Assignment. But No One Expected THIS!!

The men and women who serve America in the military deserve our full respect and support. They risk their lives around the world to keep us […]

HYPOCRITES: Hawaii to Ignore ‘Travel Ban.’ But They Weren’t Taking Refugees Anyway…

If you want to sip some of the best coffee in the world, go to Kona, Hawaii. If you want to dwell in one of the […]

DEMOCRAT Congresswoman Just CONFIRMED America’s WORST NIGHTMARE – TRUMP Was Right From The Beginning!

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is an Iraq war veteran and an Army Captain who has finally had ENOUGH of Obama and just EXPOSED him on life TV…. […]

President Donald Trump is Right! Obama’s Family Published his Kenyan Birth Certificate…

  Most conservatives are aware of the fact that the question of where Barack Obama was born has been a source of controversy ever since both […]

When His Teacher Yelled At Him For Wearing An Anti-Hillary Shirt, His Epic Comeback MADE AMERICA PROUD

Often times young people get painted up as not having a solid head on their shoulders, what with the progressive indoctrination they have pounded into their […]

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